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History of the All Star Game

All-Star Game

Baseball has always been more than just a game. As John S. Bowman and Joel Zoss stated in The Pictorial History of Baseball "As part of the fabric of American culture, baseball is the common social ground between strangers, a world of possibilities and of chance, where 'it's never over till it's over.'" It is an American tradition rich in legends, folklore and history, a never-ending story where every game is a new nine-inning chapter and every player has the chance to be the hero. Through the years, every franchise has had its share of superstar players that stand out above the rest. They are the ones that bring the fans out to the ballpark and only one game brings them all together at once, The All-Star Game.

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Chief of Diamonds

"Alexander Cartwright is a humble 25 year-old bank clerk seeking out a living in 1845 New York City."


Chief of Diamonds

by Mr. Ira Lichtenstein (Author) 




Babe Ruth


George Herman Ruth Jr. survived a stormy childhood, growing up mostly in a Baltimore orphanage and reform school where his parents had abandoned him at the age of seven, to become the biggest celebrity in American sports history.

Baseball Coin

 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The United States Mint in San Francisco will soon produce an unusual coin in honor of the nation's favorite pastime.

This Day in Baseball History
My friend Leo Paneta publishes a daily report on historical events in baseball history.  This is an excellent source for daily trivia and for those pesky research reports one has to do in High School.
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News Flash

From Empire State to Golden Gate:Alexander Cartwright and the Pacific Coast League The Society of California Pioneers

July 6 – December,  2007



Baseball News

Baseball News

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