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Happy Birthday Alick!

Happy Birthday Alick

April 17-1820 to July 12-1892
You are a happy 195 years old!

Thanks for your genius and your aloha!


Opening Day History
A Message From Alexander Joy Cartwright, IV

Sometimes in families sons are named after their father, and the custom is carried on from generation to generation. Yet, many of those descendents are often not aware of who the person was that they were originally named after. That is not the case with me. My name is Alexander Joy Cartwright, IV. I was named after my great-great-grandfather who designed the baseball diamond, and formed many of the rules still in use today by America's National Pastime..

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Time to celebrate the boys of summer!

Time to celebrate the boys of summer!



News Flash

From Empire State to Golden Gate:Alexander Cartwright and the Pacific Coast League The Society of California Pioneers

July 6 – December,  2007



Baseball News

Baseball News

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