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Happy Birthday Alick!

Happy Birthday Alick

April 17-1820 to July 12-1892
You are a happy 192 years old!

Thanks for your genius and your aloha!


Alexander J. Cartwright Jr. Bio

Alexander Joy Cartwright JrALEXANDER JOY CARTWRIGHT JR. 

 Other than Abner Doubleday, perhaps no person associated with the beginnings of baseball is more celebrated yet disputed than Alexander Joy Cartwright Jr.  No evidence exists for Abner Doubleday's having anything to do with baseball.  There is, on the other hand, evidence to connect Cartwright with baseball. 







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Baseball Coin

 SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - The United States Mint in San Francisco will soon produce an unusual coin in honor of the nation's favorite pastime.

This Day in Baseball History
My friend Leo Paneta publishes a daily report on historical events in baseball history.  This is an excellent source for daily trivia and for those pesky research reports one has to do in High School.
Clic here for  "This Day in Baseball History"

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From Empire State to Golden Gate:Alexander Cartwright and the Pacific Coast League The Society of California Pioneers

July 6 – December,  2007



Baseball News

Baseball News

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